I find I am not quite sure what others see in me or what I even see in myself for that matter. I doubt our reflections are ever clear to us except for when we look into the eyes of those who truly love us. I think only then do we see the purest forms of ourselves. -Valexia Zianna, The Goddess.


People don’t always love you the way they should, can, or want to. Still they do love you. You may not know, because love isn’t something you know. It is not the mind. It is purely soul. Love is given only as much as there is enough to let go. Some hold too tight. Some let it flow. Love has it’s own individual show. A light with it’s own flickering glow. Burn it bright. Or ember it low. Take it quick. Or take it slow. Love never leaves the ones it touches, once it is so. Love is eternal. Love is whole. -Valexia Zianna, The Goddess.