An elemental,

Water to fire

Earth to air,

A witch,

A conduit of shapeshifting

From one extreme,

To none.

From being,

To absense.

A convergence of energy,

In the tangle of her spine,

Desire whisping out

like smoke of incense.

She lays limp

Her soul vibrating

Her body calm

Her energy a storm.

Why they try to contain a god

In human form

Her body fades so fast

But she is adorn

In all the earth

She was never human

For what humans are for


She tittered,

The world was slipping away.

Her breath was like a storm

All captured in a cage

I will keep you

Her anxiety raged

I will keep her!

But she sighed the pain

“I cannot be kept”

And like an Anemoi

She responded

On the wind she fades


Your eyes are worlds of peridots and amber. Hazy with two planets colliding. A milkly way of two Andromeda’s turning into one galaxy. The collision of your gaze, makes my heart turn into my stomach. My heart so green with pounding. My stomach so auburn with burning. It doesn’t make sense how the seasons of your eyes, these turning leaves, can affect me so. Still I am wild with the nature of you. Unselfed by your abundance of being. I often wonder what worlds you have travelled in me, that I have missed? Do you see creation in my form like I see trees blooming and kissing the sky? Do you capture glimpses of the cacoons of sleeping potential in my lazy eyes, like caterpillars meditating into butterflies? Do you you saturate in my wonders the way I marinate in your marvels? Give me a world of you and I’ll give you this flowing galactic sea of me. Let us share in the colors of our blending souls. Like the shifting of autumn shares in the changing currents of universal breath. Let us breath deeply of the autumn winds. Let us bask in the colors it brings, before they fade from the forest floor and become spring. Let us honor the harvesting of being. The gentle shift of changing decaying matter into blossoming radiant energy. The importance of giving outdated parts of ourselves up so that we may grow into brighter blossoms. So that we may live again in a  more magnificent form then we once conceived for ourselves. Let us lay to rest and make room for those that will share greatness with us once again. Let us not hesitate. Let us embrace it’s wisdom. Praise autumn in its hazel gaze. Praise. 


Good, sweet, and pure,

Reaching deep like water,

No longer insecure,

The pain no longer hurts,

And the sorrow no longer 

I wash the dark from my life,

And invite the bright,

And even though I try,

Doesn’t mean everything’s 

I choose to aim for more,

Than I ever allowed before,

And maybe that the case,

To choose the journey, more 

than the race.
We are all coming in second 


But we all show good face,

None of us believing or having


Only change is our saving 


That we can choose everyday.
And start to wash the cobwebs


As beautiful as they are,

They belong in the dark,

And we must clear for the 


That will soon light our way.
In my doubt I heard my name,

Being called by the morning


Between the trees that sway,

Nothing about the moment 

will stay,

But I don’t need that to be 

I’m in all of it,

And it’s all in me.


Purple suspension,

In lavender succession,

Fuchsia’s bury me in their petal soft waste,

Amethyst castles that trap me in place.

All around, all I can do,

Is see the purple of you.

A cool blue calm,

And a fierce red rage,

The touch of your palm,

With the memory of your pinched face.

Purple’s rain,

A Purple pain,

Purple’s haze,

A Purple blaze.

Tell me purple can be divine,

And please clear the purple from my mind,

I’m seeing purple all the time.

Gently, gently.

​Gentle bird,

Gentle wings,

Fly on to better things,

Fly high,

Up and away,

Go somewhere,

You can’t stay.
Go where the soft things grow,

And if you find it let me know.
But fly on,

And don’t come back,

You’ll find it,

I know that.
Don’t let this world make you hard,

Staying soft is an art,

Be bright,

And be gay,

You know your heart will find a way..

Gentle song,

Gentle dreams,

The world is harsh,

On gentle things,

But I do them mentally,

And oh so gently.


Too much to savor

Too much to grasp

So much for loving

It was too much to ask.
Blue bells hanging over head

So much betelling 

what’s left unsaid

Going over and over

Inside my head.
Sweet flowers to soften the blow

In such pretty words 

Your vengeance did you sow

Telling me what I told you once

Eye for an eye

It hurts like a lance

But all I ask 

Is for one more chance 

Let me love you

And let it last.

They don’t love you

Keep it all in.
Don’t let them see you sad.
How defeated you are.
Don’t let them see.
How normal pain is for you.

Because they are the same people that lie to your face and say they love you. 

And think it’s okay.
Don’t let them see who you are.
How you swallow knives like bread.

Drink poison like ambrosia.
Absorb tears like sunshine.
They don’t know,

And they don’t deserve to.


He doesn’t deserve me

He doesn’t deserve me

He doesn’t deserve me.
I don’t deserve to feel this way.
Don’t believe it. 
Not for a second. 

Don’t give up on yourself.

Don’t do this to yourself.

-But why didn’t he care?