An elemental,

Water to fire

Earth to air,

A witch,

A conduit of shapeshifting

From one extreme,

To none.

From being,

To absense.

A convergence of energy,

In the tangle of her spine,

Desire whisping out

like smoke of incense.

She lays limp

Her soul vibrating

Her body calm

Her energy a storm.

Why they try to contain a god

In human form

Her body fades so fast

But she is adorn

In all the earth

She was never human

For what humans are for


She tittered,

The world was slipping away.

Her breath was like a storm

All captured in a cage

I will keep you

Her anxiety raged

I will keep her!

But she sighed the pain

“I cannot be kept”

And like an Anemoi

She responded

On the wind she fades