Taking in these particles of you,

That catch in

my chest like dust,

Such the pollen of flora,

That I choke on like allergies and asthma.

You invade my senses,

Swell my insides,

Steal my breath away like fauna dander,

With you I’ll need my inhaler.


Still I adore you,

And I must as ever implore you,

Be gentler, so that I may be gentler,

You are tough, loving your women rough,

You worship my sharp edges,

And forget these parts of me that are tender,

These finer parts that I must now engage in surrender.

I can’t bully what I can’t fix,

Can’t force air between the pollen,

I inhale you like another hit,

Hoping I’m not allergic.


-You treat me like I’m dramatic,

But surely you must know I’m asthmatic?