AHurting / 

I’ve approached things so unfairly with you. 

Now I aim to be gentler. 
While I still can be. 

To cherish you.
To be so soft for you to dream upon.

And when you close your eyes you won’t know the different between my lips and my breast.

All these pillowy places of which upon, you rest. 

Supporting you adamantly with compassion and tenderness.

To the casualties you’ve adapted so well. 

So easy to be harsh, and still tremble to be gentle. 
I remember you so light. 
So simple and determined. 
Don’t ask me where you go. 
You are here now, and yet another you. 
I love you both, so fiercely. 
Two parts that hold me so dearly. 
Innocence and experience. 
I’m wrapped up in your energy.
Beyond seduced. 
Enraptured. Beguiled. 
I know what to give, even though you ask for all else. 
Don’t hesitate, there is nothing I hold back of myself. 
I’m forthcoming. 
So come and drink of this inexhaustable fount of loving.
And never wonder if there is enough for all of your hurting. 


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