Eyes That Beckon

Your eyes…
They tell me,
 “I’m too tired,

                 To trust,

                       To love,

                             To edure.”
I hope my fingers tell you.

   I know,

      Here have my strength,

                Have my trust,

                           My love,

                                  And persist.
I hope the love I gift you renews your vitality. 

I hope it encourages your heart.

I hope it rewires your mind.

You deserve a world of joy in your eyes. 

You deserve arms that lift you up with no expectations or demands in return.

You deserve stadiums cheering your name in awe. 
The world has always left you with less than your worth. 

I’m here to pay in full. 

To give til you burst. 

To slake your weary thirst. 
I can hear your silent pleas. 
I’m not God, but I ask you lay your burdens upon me. 
Let my love carry you. 
I know I’m small, but my will is mighty. 
No one will fight fiercer.
Or edure better than I. 
All I ask is that you let me try. 


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