The Gaze.

Touch my breast

Kiss my neck

Fill my head

With things you’ve said
Tickle my spine

With your wandering eyes

Penetrating my heart

Deep in my mind
Leaving me on a cliff

With a feeling I miss

Once a craving for a kiss

Now teetering on endless
The promises that you make

I’ve started to misplace

I hold on too tight to crave

Desire turns to craze
I wonder all the time

And sometimes you ease my 


Taken to meditating

Loving has turning to waiting
I don’t cling so hard no more

Hurt my nails with the skin I


I love you from a distance

If I’m too close I will surely miss

Caught up in the why’s

You won’t answer

And I can’t deny

It’s not as simple as your eyes

Looking back at mine. 


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