I want to kiss you bare

All the things you hide under 


I’d love to touch them if you 


And I’ll be gentle with great care.
Took to asking with 


But talking isn’t your way of 


Took to watching with such 


You are mine but it’s concerning.
Our methods of love are so 


You’ve got all the secrets

And I’ve given all of mine words

You look away without being 


So shy to my display of hurt

I love you in the opposite way

That you have been loving me.
If I could you try to say

In your silent kind of way

I love you is the only language 

you speak

The only way you can 

communicate to me.
If I love you 

Can I judge

Mark a tally

Hold a grudge?
You never complain about a 

thing I do?

So how can I not forgive the innocence of you?
You are who you are

Silent and sweet

And I am your counter

The opposite to make you 



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