Fire and Brimstone

Can’t you feel how much I have 

missed you

No matter how I’ve tried to 

resist you 

You have such a dark way

And now Ive come to love your

It’s always your way

At your pace

You laugh it off

But I know how this will play



A place so dim

Every moment on a whim
Passing moments gone in a flash

Stuck on a feeling that doesn’t 


A presence that’s already past

You are a dream hitting me like


Holding me hostage by the 


Always ponder on the 


Caught in your web

Are you caught in mine?
You loved me first

At the beginning of time

And you always hold me to that,

On the dotted line
Reminding me things are on 

your terms

A love given, a lover earned

Oh how the dynamic changed

Time has such a funny way

You pluck me like a thing craved

And set me aside to sate
I know the part I play

But I don’t know how to turn 


I feel so much that I’m meant to 

be this piece in your game

To help you win 

What you’ve been trying so 

hard to obtain.

A soulmate.

In your guided fate

where my needs are overshadowed, by the light you need to take. 

I’m yours to eat like a fires rage. 

Taking all in it’s path to sustain 

the love it once gave. 


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