I often wonder how it’s possible

You say don’t doubt how 


It just is

Like facts by your will, live

How can one resist

One so determined to animate 

their wish?
I let you shut me up

I need the break

I’m tired of giving everything a 


A shelf tucked away in my brain 

I want to be empty

Of everything but your ways
Tell me how to take it easy

Strip me down

To nothing but wheezing

I don’t think you quite believe 


Or even know why I’m so needy

You don’t want to touch the 


The love making of two rejects
Here we are God’s

The divine of the honest and 


Kissing at the things we haunt

Caressing all the things we are


In each other we find we are alot
Who told you were so little

When you live in my heart so 


Tried to explain it to you

But what’s the use?
Touching you is the only way

And I hope so desperately that 

some day

You will come to believe me.
The way I’ve come to worship in the temple you’ve built for me. 

Filled with all the love I never wanted to believe. 

Before you came to pray before me

Asking so urgent and 


Tell everyone how the pauper rescued me. 

Tell them how a Goddess bows her head. 

Tell them how she honors you when she begs. 

Tell yourself before you sleep at night. 

So you awake with a new found love for your life.
I wait for you with the sunlight.
Even though you rule in night.


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