I find relief in your eyes

I float away on the cloud of your


My sighs for you are not of pleasure

My moans are of gratitude

You melt my weary bones 

While adding steel to my spine

The way you say my name

I have never heard a reverence 

like it

Listening to your music with the 

ears of god

My favorite song

Such shyness 

Gives a vision braze and bold

For nothing is as lovely as 


No, my love for you is not 


It is proud

To be apart of you 

Is my greatest honor

You may not see the depth of my


I’m not so skilled at presenting 


But believe me, I’ll always treat 

you like the rarity you are

If only in my meager way.

I would gift you more if I could

But you have never given room

 for complaint. 

That’s more than I can say. 

I’m trying to change my ways. 

Though you’ve never asked me 

to change 

Developing patience is not one of my strengths.

But I want it be, so I can love you

 the right way. 


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