AHurting / 

I’ve approached things so unfairly with you. 

Now I aim to be gentler. 
While I still can be. 

To cherish you.
To be so soft for you to dream upon.

And when you close your eyes you won’t know the different between my lips and my breast.

All these pillowy places of which upon, you rest. 

Supporting you adamantly with compassion and tenderness.

To the casualties you’ve adapted so well. 

So easy to be harsh, and still tremble to be gentle. 
I remember you so light. 
So simple and determined. 
Don’t ask me where you go. 
You are here now, and yet another you. 
I love you both, so fiercely. 
Two parts that hold me so dearly. 
Innocence and experience. 
I’m wrapped up in your energy.
Beyond seduced. 
Enraptured. Beguiled. 
I know what to give, even though you ask for all else. 
Don’t hesitate, there is nothing I hold back of myself. 
I’m forthcoming. 
So come and drink of this inexhaustable fount of loving.
And never wonder if there is enough for all of your hurting. 


Eyes That Beckon

Your eyes…
They tell me,
 “I’m too tired,

                 To trust,

                       To love,

                             To edure.”
I hope my fingers tell you.

   I know,

      Here have my strength,

                Have my trust,

                           My love,

                                  And persist.
I hope the love I gift you renews your vitality. 

I hope it encourages your heart.

I hope it rewires your mind.

You deserve a world of joy in your eyes. 

You deserve arms that lift you up with no expectations or demands in return.

You deserve stadiums cheering your name in awe. 
The world has always left you with less than your worth. 

I’m here to pay in full. 

To give til you burst. 

To slake your weary thirst. 
I can hear your silent pleas. 
I’m not God, but I ask you lay your burdens upon me. 
Let my love carry you. 
I know I’m small, but my will is mighty. 
No one will fight fiercer.
Or edure better than I. 
All I ask is that you let me try. 

This Heart

I find my heart beating up against my chest at times.

When I’m alone, or right across from you. 

I can feel it trying to break free from my body. 

Reaching out for you. 
It says,” I don’t want to be her heart. I don’t want to be alone to beat in her chest anymore. Where ever you are. Where ever you go. I want to be with you. ”
This heart of mine, is constantly in tormoil. 

It wants so much to wrap around yours, and sink into the place that it has found as home. 

This heart, is no longer my own.

Do You Honor my Love?

I curl up inside you

Tattered and old

You gave your vitality

A love to warm the heart from 

“You know I love you, right?” 

Not in question but request. 

A moment posed, to reveil I loved you best. 

But you know I do!

In a every movement. 

Every breath. 

You’ll not take it in part. 

Not a just bit, but the entire rest. 

All or nothing. 

And nothing was not your 

A voice to command.

A heart to give

What you view as possession​

I view as willingness.
I give to you here ever after…

In your sorrow, mood, and 

My love is not something done 

in temper.

It is by honor I hold my love to 

you forever. 


Stop abusing yourself 

To please others

Stop stifling your being

So others have meaning

Don’t question yourself

In the pauses 

Treat evey intention

With a sense of flawless


I often wonder how it’s possible

You say don’t doubt how 


It just is

Like facts by your will, live

How can one resist

One so determined to animate 

their wish?
I let you shut me up

I need the break

I’m tired of giving everything a 


A shelf tucked away in my brain 

I want to be empty

Of everything but your ways
Tell me how to take it easy

Strip me down

To nothing but wheezing

I don’t think you quite believe 


Or even know why I’m so needy

You don’t want to touch the 


The love making of two rejects
Here we are God’s

The divine of the honest and 


Kissing at the things we haunt

Caressing all the things we are


In each other we find we are alot
Who told you were so little

When you live in my heart so 


Tried to explain it to you

But what’s the use?
Touching you is the only way

And I hope so desperately that 

some day

You will come to believe me.
The way I’ve come to worship in the temple you’ve built for me. 

Filled with all the love I never wanted to believe. 

Before you came to pray before me

Asking so urgent and 


Tell everyone how the pauper rescued me. 

Tell them how a Goddess bows her head. 

Tell them how she honors you when she begs. 

Tell yourself before you sleep at night. 

So you awake with a new found love for your life.
I wait for you with the sunlight.
Even though you rule in night.

Fire and Brimstone

Can’t you feel how much I have 

missed you

No matter how I’ve tried to 

resist you 

You have such a dark way

And now Ive come to love your

It’s always your way

At your pace

You laugh it off

But I know how this will play



A place so dim

Every moment on a whim
Passing moments gone in a flash

Stuck on a feeling that doesn’t 


A presence that’s already past

You are a dream hitting me like


Holding me hostage by the 


Always ponder on the 


Caught in your web

Are you caught in mine?
You loved me first

At the beginning of time

And you always hold me to that,

On the dotted line
Reminding me things are on 

your terms

A love given, a lover earned

Oh how the dynamic changed

Time has such a funny way

You pluck me like a thing craved

And set me aside to sate
I know the part I play

But I don’t know how to turn 


I feel so much that I’m meant to 

be this piece in your game

To help you win 

What you’ve been trying so 

hard to obtain.

A soulmate.

In your guided fate

where my needs are overshadowed, by the light you need to take. 

I’m yours to eat like a fires rage. 

Taking all in it’s path to sustain 

the love it once gave.