Are Diamonds Forever?

Melting bones seeping into rubies

Crystallized souls that transform

heated soil into beautiful stone

magnificent souls adorned for aesthetic

such jewels once wild beings

now such decoration

you wear me so proudly

with more confidence that I have ever had for myself

with the bearing of a Sultan

when people ask who I am

where I came from

how you found me

your chest puffs up with such pride

and I warm up

and hug your heart

I give you my energy

I give you my support

my love for you

and my love for me

leaves me torn

I could fall into you

and never return

A treasured necklace

always between your arms

A talisman to keep you safe from harm

so pretty for you

and not so quite forlorn

when you kiss me I shine

in your sleep I yearn

for another time

for the more affections I could earn

I know that isn’t good

something I never really should

but your smile

carries the same light of Krishna

And I am only too enchanted to please you

as you wish me to

funny how love is so easily forgiven

and death the farthest thing when living

until it all catches up

and you realize you were just smitten

so sweet even when bitten

you know the risk

but the sight from which its driven

is enough to forget

what you should be remembering

it all seems so never ending.


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