You feel like warmth in a world were there’s only 80 below. 

Dug into my heart then settled in my soul. 

Didn’t come for a visit, you had your mind made that my world was your home.

Giving me a solar system of yes, in a life time of no. 

Always telling me to leave but where would I go?

There’s is no where I can find that I don’t think of you. 

Would you just fill me up and stop asking if it’s okay?

Overflow with your essence and take over me. 

Be my morning, evening, night, all day, always. 

Take and take and take away. 

What you give has been so great and you are never done. 

You keep giving away. 

Let me give and let that be our way. 

Give and take. 

An equate exchange. 


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