How to be soft.

I sat with god amongst the trees. I lamented. Oh God, of the vast, the endless energy. You who never ends and always returns. Why create innocence? Why give me wholesomeness in a world where it cannot be sustained? Everyday is a fight to preserve my gentleness, and I wonder why create things to be destroyed repeatedly? The wind picked up, and God’s fingers began flowing through my hair like relief. You are the gospel of my cause, warriors of love are gentle through the most violent storms. It takes great discipline and faith to remain soft in a world of cruelty. To love in the face of great adversity and hate. It is easy to be like the world and so infinitely hard to be apart of the world. You are not alone. You have sisters in the flowers and trees. You have brothers in the children and pups. Your elk is here along side of you. They just aren’t as transparent. Look at how delicately a flower blooms after the fierceness of winter. A season that consumes all. You my dear, have the soul of a flower and it’s easy resilience. You are not of this world and yet you can change the world, to be of you. That is your power. A power greater than any of this earth. A preciousness like water, ever shifting, ever vital, and ever cherished. In a world of hunger, you are air, a sweet relief from exhaustion. Beauty is a marvelous being, it’s ability to persuade is like none other of this earth. It’s abilities to temper and mold, with a patience umatched is unparalleled in all of existence. You ask me why I gift it to only you? When you should ask me why I gift it to so few. Do not down play your importance. Very few know how to be soft. 


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