Put your fingers in my hair

And strum.

Make me cry from the 


That our love has become. 

The separation has been too 


And we are suspended on the

hope that it won’t last. 

I curled into a cacoon of 


Blankets pillows, bedding, and 


Trying to soften the knots that 

don’t lessen. 

Haven’t you learned your lesson?

I writhe and slide, and weep, 

and bow. 

Need it all but can’t have it 


I feel you have stepped in and 

I’m left out. 

What is this feeling all about?

So use to the solitude.

Alone I can handle the cold.

Can wrangle myself into a 

choke hold. 

Can give myself some 

semblance of control. 

I run my fingers through my 


Hoping self love and tenderness will help. 

What was the point?

I’m all by myself.

A touch is a touch,

With or without.

I wasn’t as easy as I thought to

 lose my doubt. 

Swallowing trust like it’s good

 for my health. 

Is it obvious around everyone else,

I find it so hard to be myself?

I should go somewhere where 

I have it figured out.

And stop bothering people 

with my word of mouth.


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