It was like a love letter to my soul. 

Words poured like velvet and freshly steemed gold.

So soft and sweet and tender.

So raw and sad and bold.

Your world cut open like a geode,with precious gem stones sparkling for me to hold. 

It’s the tiniest things you say. 

That paint my sky and brighten my day. 

I want to be with you and always know I’ll be okay. 

It’s​ like pulling teeth to open your mouth and get you to say. 

All these rare things, that shine like diamond rings, I’m wearing on my face, so dazed.

Why would you surprise me and make me feel this way?

Then leave me hanging like my feelings are out of place. 

Don’t you know you are a treasure trove of a maze. 

With every step I find my self more off base. 

I’m not use to feeling like I can’t find my way.  
Don’t you know I love you?

Don’t you want the same?

You stroke me like a violin with so much intensity I wouldn’t think it’s a game. 

I could be wrong again,

And it wouldn’t be the first time I made the mistake. 

You are worth the uncertainty, even if it’s all fake. 

I want to know where you go at the end of this maze. 

The twist and turns are just a part of the pace. 

The pathway home to your heart in place. 

Somewhere there you did think it could be changed. 


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