Who You Were

I could feel your lips slipping 

past mine,

Caught in the snares,

-In the frames of my mind.
Hands so tender,

Feeling so apprehensive,

Your insecurities were so 

fucking seductive
You made me feel like a man,

You let me have the upper 


You didn’t know what we were doing,

But I did. 
So young and impressionable,

So fresh and open in throws,

So naive and open to know,

What a beautiful soul. 
Why would you want to change

The roots of what I loved,

Took them like a flower and 


Not really knowing what you

were giving up.

In my memories that’s what I treasured,

And I don’t know who you are,

Are you gone forever?
Becoming so cold and acting so


You make my stomach shiver,

A sadness seeped into my liver,

And I felt it flush through me 

like a fever.
Do you really want to play these games?

When we can be doing something so much better?

You can have me how ever,

When you are who you are,

Now I’m steady looking for 

your heart. 

I’ll find you,

I’m hunting for your spark. 
Don’t worry I’ll go down deep 

where they won’t go. 

I’ll plant the seeds and tend 

them to grow. 

Soon our love will work all on 

its own,

Because I never let it wither,

Even you doubted it would 

You don’t have to know 

because I do. 

Go ahead, go out and Chase. 

You’ll find the world is a bug place and find that home is in the realms of my space. 

Where you left to find some- 


Abundance was in your own 


What being could love you more?

Than a goddess that lives to adore? 

When you come back remember who you are.

A god that is all, and has all therefore. 


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