Good, sweet, and pure,

Reaching deep like water,

No longer insecure,

The pain no longer hurts,

And the sorrow no longer 

I wash the dark from my life,

And invite the bright,

And even though I try,

Doesn’t mean everything’s 

I choose to aim for more,

Than I ever allowed before,

And maybe that the case,

To choose the journey, more 

than the race.
We are all coming in second 


But we all show good face,

None of us believing or having


Only change is our saving 


That we can choose everyday.
And start to wash the cobwebs


As beautiful as they are,

They belong in the dark,

And we must clear for the 


That will soon light our way.
In my doubt I heard my name,

Being called by the morning


Between the trees that sway,

Nothing about the moment 

will stay,

But I don’t need that to be 

I’m in all of it,

And it’s all in me.


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