The Road

Once such a sad soul,

What’s forgiven,

And forgotten,

Had to be let go.
I remember you,

On the terrain,

Of this crumbling road.
You asked me,

What had me,

Feeling so low.
I closed my eyes,

Shut tight,

And my heart was aglow.
Burning bright,

With the night,

That was filling me whole.
Poured out like galaxies,

Proven fallacies,

Of what I thought,

I know.
Touch me deep,

Though you creep,

I still want you so.
You know,

I rather dissipate,

Then feel you with hate,

And that’s what’s got me cold.
I love you,

More than we both love me,

So ask me again,

Why I feel so empty?
You’re filling me up,

With never enough.
Overwhelmed with the touch,

Of never so much. 
Good enough to eat,

And bad enough to beat.
Yet, outside of me,

You still feel complete,

And that’s not something,

I can claim to be. 


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