… Struggling

Struggling to keep my smiles

Struggling to release my pain

Struggling with all things

that belong to me.
I want to let them go.

I don’t want to have them anymore.

I don’t know why I’m so possessive of them sometimes.
When has being human,

and having human 


ever truly served me?
These lessons I have learned. 

These were lessons I fell into

because I believed the world.

Believed the answers they gave me to the questions I asked.
Why did I believe that you can find answers in others?

Why didn’t I try to find the answers myself?

I allowed myself to be polluted and set back. 
Now I’m struggling.

Struggling to catch up. 

Struggling to surpass my set backs.

I created my own struggles. 

I should not let everything be so heavy. 
I should focus on being lighter.

On dropping my bones and woes.

I should become wispy with wonder.

I should become gentle with joy.
I should not become a part of the world. 

I should let the world become a part of me. 

A small part. 

One that I can tuck it away when I need to. 
So I can be easy. 

Be simple.

Be good.


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