No return

Bitter that you thought me 

And I wanted to hurt you

The way it hurt me 

To hear you say I’m sweet
To make me want 

To make me need

When you know it makes me weak
It wasn’t right of me

To say such horrid things

And to crush your dreams
I was your goddess

And I destroyed myself

So you couldn’t worship me

And so selfishly
And it’s no wonder you hate me now

And no longer come around
Cut me off 

Like I cut your fingers

Trying to caress my mouth
I’m filled with you

But your space is empty

Though with nothing

The weight is heavy
I’m full with knowing

The taste of your loathing

And thoughts of the other lover your holding

Now I can feel you

In a fever unconsoling

I wonder if you wanted this

Or just to forget

Is this justice

Or just regret
I’m not sure what yet

But I’m sure of

You in my head
That laughter 

I’m after

But can’t reach

The reprieve I’ve known

Only with your speech
Your voice


I’m in needing

Instead I lack

You’re never coming back


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