Purple suspension,

In lavender succession,

Fuchsia’s bury me in their petal soft waste,

Amethyst castles that trap me in place.

All around, all I can do,

Is see the purple of you.

A cool blue calm,

And a fierce red rage,

The touch of your palm,

With the memory of your pinched face.

Purple’s rain,

A Purple pain,

Purple’s haze,

A Purple blaze.

Tell me purple can be divine,

And please clear the purple from my mind,

I’m seeing purple all the time.


My Word

I want to reach inside of you,

Just to be inside you,

Just to know,

Just to stay.
You won’t believe me,

Just know,

That’s okay.

I will show you,

I mean every word I say.

Gently, gently.

​Gentle bird,

Gentle wings,

Fly on to better things,

Fly high,

Up and away,

Go somewhere,

You can’t stay.
Go where the soft things grow,

And if you find it let me know.
But fly on,

And don’t come back,

You’ll find it,

I know that.
Don’t let this world make you hard,

Staying soft is an art,

Be bright,

And be gay,

You know your heart will find a way..

Gentle song,

Gentle dreams,

The world is harsh,

On gentle things,

But I do them mentally,

And oh so gently.


Too much to savor

Too much to grasp

So much for loving

It was too much to ask.
Blue bells hanging over head

So much betelling 

what’s left unsaid

Going over and over

Inside my head.
Sweet flowers to soften the blow

In such pretty words 

Your vengeance did you sow

Telling me what I told you once

Eye for an eye

It hurts like a lance

But all I ask 

Is for one more chance 

Let me love you

And let it last.

They don’t love you

Keep it all in.
Don’t let them see you sad.
How defeated you are.
Don’t let them see.
How normal pain is for you.

Because they are the same people that lie to your face and say they love you. 

And think it’s okay.
Don’t let them see who you are.
How you swallow knives like bread.

Drink poison like ambrosia.
Absorb tears like sunshine.
They don’t know,

And they don’t deserve to.


He doesn’t deserve me

He doesn’t deserve me

He doesn’t deserve me.
I don’t deserve to feel this way.
Don’t believe it. 
Not for a second. 

Don’t give up on yourself.

Don’t do this to yourself.

-But why didn’t he care?


I’m in the dark,

Water is all submerging,

And I’m drifting,

But I am still inside.
It’s swallowing me,

And I sink,

There are no hands,

and no light.
No one. 
There has never been anyone.

And I’ve accepted

The silencing of my senses.

I’m crying a relief,

Relief of sadness.

Attempted Murder

You carry me up,

To the very top,

Of the highest mountain.
Just to push me off, 

watch me fall,

Watch my bones shatter,

Watch my will fold.
You’re fucking me up,

And you think I deserve it. 
…Maybe I do. 

I should have done 

better by you.

Flower Flavored

​Your spirit pressed away,

Like a petal tucked in a page.

Quite over looked,

With no one to open the book.

Acting unbothered,

But you’re really shook.

Cornered in your rage,

A mage, in a breakfast nook.
Taste my tea,

Bitter with no sugar,

It’s not sweet,

to be incomplete,

But all my flavors,

are sure to meet,

I’m a seven blossom dream,

With chamomile behavior,

You can not cross me,

But I’m still your Savior,

Because you never know,

The acid erosion of my anger.

The Road

Once such a sad soul,

What’s forgiven,

And forgotten,

Had to be let go.
I remember you,

On the terrain,

Of this crumbling road.
You asked me,

What had me,

Feeling so low.
I closed my eyes,

Shut tight,

And my heart was aglow.
Burning bright,

With the night,

That was filling me whole.
Poured out like galaxies,

Proven fallacies,

Of what I thought,

I know.
Touch me deep,

Though you creep,

I still want you so.
You know,

I rather dissipate,

Then feel you with hate,

And that’s what’s got me cold.
I love you,

More than we both love me,

So ask me again,

Why I feel so empty?
You’re filling me up,

With never enough.
Overwhelmed with the touch,

Of never so much. 
Good enough to eat,

And bad enough to beat.
Yet, outside of me,

You still feel complete,

And that’s not something,

I can claim to be.