Velvet Night

Can you take the blades under the surface of my skin?

Do scars, scare you?

Does the taste of blood make your stomach turn?

Do you hesitate to stay in the light?

Or does your heart skip faster?

Does lust swell your veins?

And your mouth begin to water?

Do these elements tickle the pleasure in your mind?

Do you fantasize about a darker night?
If the latter, then come.

Come and know a complex delight.

The blue and gray of neither wrong or right.

Transcend in-between my thighs.

And awake in the portals of my eyes. 

Where pain and pleasure coincide.



My eyes are engulfed in the spaces between your lips and words

I’m clutching to your next syllables like a life line, I know you’ll cut

But I’ll hope on tight, hoping you will be the one person I’m wrong about

When have my instincts ever led me astray?

You are playing on my desires 

You know I  don’t have any fears left for you to play on. 

You know I expect you to try to hurt me.

We both know you can’t. 

You know though, I’m hoping.

Hoping you’ll show me who you are.

So I can keep you in my treasure box.

Or toss you into the rubbish bin.

You know I’m watching. 

You know it’s a matter of time 


All I can see is her on you.

Her smile in the slump of your shoulders

Her laugh in the cast of your eyes

Her skin in the wringing of your finger 

Her hair in the disarray of your clothes 

Her scent on the wet of your cheeks.

Her voice haunting you, as you whisper; “I’m sorry, I can not love you.”