Face hidden,

Behind smoke,

You don’t need to ,

Touch my neck,

But you,

make me choke.
Ensnared me,

Before you spoke,

Those eyes,

That were laughing

Like a humorless joke.
The dark of the world,


Quite crystalized,

Within your eyes.
And when you’re angry,

Your glare,

Fucks me right.
So harsh,

But gentle too,

A little conscious,

But carelessly cruel,

Your mannerisms,

Say danger,

But your touch,

Says welcome.
You are,

In a hushed background,

Overlooked and stunning,

Eyes cast down,


All backstage,

Fingering turn tables,

and guitar,

Tongue in toothpick,

Cigarette in hand,

Love like a woman,

But fuck like a man.
You deal with things better,

From far away,

Where your head,

And heart,

Can catch up to the race.
Take a breath,

And set your own pace,

They can blame you,

But I’d have something to say.
They can’t understand,

But want to know your game,

Too bad they don’t know,

For you,

None of it is play.
You just wish,

You could get back,

To normal someday,

But like everything,

It’s falling away.
With me,

You can be,

I go with flow,

We never have to speak,

I never have to know.
The way you ride the beat,

The whole to your empty,

The need to your complete,

If you need to give it up,

Put it all on me.
If you got to take,

I have more than anything,

I give as good as I get,

Head for head,

Chest for chest.
You’ve seen it all,

But now you can feel the best.
Inhale me deep,

To soothe your stress,

Light me up,

And carry me around,

Like your pack of cigarettes.
-The crease in your brows as you take a drag in. Is my favorite place to waste my time in.


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