The shifting comfort of fabrics

A thick sweetness  

Like the silkiness of the womb

And the trembling whispers 

Of flesh and breath 

Caressing in sensations 

That are reminiscent of twin 

lovers in embrace 

In mutual efforts for one 

An inhale transforming into 

the suggestion of profound 

An exhale implying the tender

grasping of unexplainable 

What can be found here?

When there is no subject to 

look for.

What can be revealed?

What is there but the 


of infinitum in its many 

indefinite forms?
Oh but I do know the feel of you

Just as much as I know the 

feeling of God’s whisper 

In my ear
You are just as wondrous

And just as fleeting.
Yes, you are by this definition 

By any other definition astounding.

Only God can know the awe I hold in my heart for you.

Only God is great enough.
It seems even from you, that 

all intellect escapes of it.
But God and I…

We hear the ringing of the 


The birds singing a star song

A galaxy chiming nuances of

Something so impossible 

All breath stops

All silence unfurls

And all sound is stunned

And in between 

Within instance

There is you

At the end utterance of my 


As inconceivable as 


I find myself, unselfed.

And lost in the consciousness 

that surpasses my own

And God smiles knowingly,

And though ever benign, quite sadly.

Because I’ve tasted the fruit

Of knowledge 

And now I can never return to


Between the very expanse

Of this instance 

And what can be understood as

the next

All tears are expelled from me

And I am inconsolable 

In both happiness and despair.
Its voice is both silence and deafening volume

“There can be no man before 


And I understand 

And I crumble, too human to 

-Because when God spoke it, it was so.


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