The less you know 

the prettier I am. 
With every secret 

You uncovered,

You slowly started 

To long for another,

Tell me , my dear 

Whatever happened 

To wanting to know each 

The more thick scars 

Covering my skin,

The more you realized 

It would be harder to get in.
Pretty girls 

Are a dime a dozen,

And now you figure 

You’ll go out and get you 

one of them,

And all those pretty promises 

Turned out to mean nothing,

But you were so sure

That you could show me 

How does it feel 

To become the very thing,

that you were so sure you 


You can fight the flow

But you can’t escape the 


I would know 

Though you were so sure I 


Thought you’d lighten my load,

but added more to the burden.

Her body may be softer

But it won’t relieve the 

Thought you knew disaster,

But till me,

You were only flirting.
Now pretty storms,

Don’t quite hold the same 



finding the wreckage of me,

Its tainted the paradise 

of her.


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