The heat of your chest

The slickness of your nipples between my lips

And your hot aroma

Steaming off of you

Like fresh baked goods

And your breath slipping in sync with mine

Energy aligning with energy 

Positive neuron to positive neuron

I know you choose me for this

For me to be here like this

My lips inhaling your flesh like my next breath

Suckling the vibration out of your chest like vital nourishment 

And you under me

Sweet tasting and sweet sighing my name 

With just a hint of wicked desire hidden in the shadow of your droopy lashes 

Red never looked better on anyone than it does on the cast of your beige skin

My kisses leaving bruises of possession behind on your breast

And your gravely voice like the mewling of a panther ready to rut

Our song is the caterwauling of night creeping in with the cool breeze and moonlight from the window

Our secrets are the ones hidden like my lip marks under your shirt 

And my scent of my sex under your cologne 

Natural and subtle 

So little suspected but not beyond reproach either

They are so like your finger lost in the black roots of my hair at 2:49 in the morning

We both know they’re there but we can see them behind the fog of desire trapped in our eyes

And nothing sounds better then the turtling of your skin against mine as you settle into me to get comfortable 

Like leaves settling into the wind in the fall chill ready to be cast far away together

I know the journey is long 

And I have been waiting for you forever

And I know we choose each other

To meet in this life

To suffer 

To be blissful

And I can’t fathom why

But truth is beyond fathoming 

And there is truth in our coupling 

An honesty in our merged being

Truth is knowing

And I have known you in all the ways there are to know another being

And I still seek to discover you 

The rest of all the truths there have yet been to teach me 

An eternity of them if you’ll allow

And I sorely hope you will

Hope with all my being, that subconsciously always leans yearningly towards yours.

-Though I am whole, I seek your completion. 


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