Will You? Won’t You?

I can see into your soul 

The words that you’ve craved

The love that you’ve needed

The comfort you’ve pined for

The reassurance you’ve sought

And I’m generous 

I’ll tell you what you want to hear

Give you what you think you need

Just to show you that what you have been seeking 

Isn’t as it appears 

Fantasies so far from what reaches of reality

And I’m so gracious 

I’ll give, asking nothing in return 

Disappearing as soon as I have appeared

Dissipating along with your dissillusionment

A phantom

A whisp of energy



And yes I hear you sigh my name in the dark with the same uncertainty one bares when waking from a dream wondering if it even was a dream or another imagining

Caught in the darkness where all things fade before we can grasp them

And yes the same sigh that came into your heart when I first appeared

The insufferable sigh of relief where there can be no relief, just exhaustion

It pains me to see you so unaware

So unmoved

Lost in the same maze spinning in circles

Your whole world filled with the ever elusive, with only me to witness it

There are worlds filled with souls like yours

And only miniscule higher dimensions for those like me 

How I hallow inside at the waste 

For time stretches on forever and you like many others will die and come to be like this again 

And only I will exist to witness it amongst all of you who are so eager to forget.

Even though it does nothing to sooth the ache inside of you.

Will you not awaken?

Will you not remember?

Will you not?


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