I can’t confess my feelings.

I can’t be honest.

I can’t inhale.

I can’t release.

Nor get the proper space to breath. 

Everyone is so caught in themselves, even when the moment is just about you. 

They find a way to make it their Ego’s problem. 

This isn’t even personal anymore. 

It’s just gluttony.

An overdose of nothing. 

I can’t contain myself.

Nor free myself. 

Oh how sweet it would be to be another energy.

To be no energy.

To be immersed in another energy field. 

To have no energy field.

These spiritual beings speak of learning lessons. 

But I’m in the same karmatic vortex and I’m have been vividly aware of it for years now.

This energy vortex.

This genetic insanity called family has filled me with enmity.

Filled me with a toxicity

That has made me deathly sick of being me. 

Of being this energy.

They don’t tell you how these energies are insatiable.

Take the energy from you. 

They don’t tell you about these energies that will stifle the flow of your energy, until you have nothing and no longer have energy left to exist to be.

They don’t tell you about how they have the energetic resilience and relentlessness.

How soon when you are only a husk of what magnificence you use to be, you’ll wish for them to take what’s left, just to be relieved of the torment. 

They don’t speak of energy like that.

How our every motion is derived from energy and how energy determines us. 

They don’t tell you of these energies.

How we beings are these energies.

They don’t tell us how to control these energies. 

They don’t teach us.

They don’t want us to know.


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