An Encounter of the Lost Boy

Wet heat

Ray’s of sun beating down 

The scent of chlorine and skin

Five boys

Three girls

The loneliness

 and expanse of summer

I discovered the power of beauty 

Too young to savor 

But young enough to like the taste

And lonely enough to crave its flavor

His eyes were glossy and slightly red

Shining with the luster of euphoria

The essence of a plant

And the sight of my figure

Buzzing through his system

The little boy yearning to be a man

A man has a woman

I could be his woman

Or at least one of them-

(I can read the script of his young mind

If I can have her I am a man

No one told him all the things that other people take away from you when they decide you are a man

That being a man has no freedoms, that being a boy or just an unnoticed soul, does

Being a man comes with sacrifice that you must pay for til you die

I was in no rush to be a women. I knew being women meant a constant life of battles I didn’t desire to fight. I would avoid being a women all together but it’s all over once someone else decides you are a women 

Humans they  have made existence a form of revenue for them to cash in on. 

I was so young and I was already hoping to die before someone decided to cash in on me

I watched my mother’s value decrease the harder she worked along the way they had decided she wasn’t women enough

She had too much of the practice of a man in her taking care of four children alone

It was too confusing for them and they wanted one or the other or neither

I admired her though because I didn’t want to be a women or a man but my mother poured out more than enough for both

And no one could recognize her magic because they only see what can make them a profit

I decided I would cast a spell that would forever put me above the boundaries of women and man)

-His brown eyes and skin

Swallow the gold of the sun

His mouth is split wide with enthusiasm

His teeth gleam bright yellowish white

Bright with desire burning like sunbeams

His wild boy hair curls around him like a force field of boyish charm

He is a beautiful boy

The way only boys can be beautiful before manhood ruins them

His whole being is careless and joyful

And all he can see is me in his displayed eyes

His senses are hyped off desire and herb

His eyelashes long dark brown flans brushing his cheek bones

He has seen too much for his age but the sight of my skin soothes him for now

It’s one of the more gentler textures of life that he has yearned for

“Can I touch you?” 

He asked with such earnest

Can I deny a thirsty boy water?

I am an oasis in an endless desert

Life can be endlessly ugly without the  reprieve of beauty

And my skin and mind are overpouring with curiousity


I say with smile for how ridiculous the entire situation is.

His hand doesn’t hesitate and his arm shoots out like a fox from his den on the hunt

His fingers side along my leg at first so fast and then very slowly

His eyes slash up to mine and I can see them change

There was something he didnt expect to find there

I feel the electrical current sparking between our bodies

Two different charges meeting

His electric charge is a foreign language I’m deciphering

His touch so gentle and revenant

His caresses like he has found the essence of God in the body of a common source

Like he didn’t pray enough to touch the source of wholeness

He has nothing to say but a whole world of feeling

His mouth fills with wonder

And wonder spills out his full mouth into my lap

“You are like an angel from above.”

His little boy mouth drags out in awe.

His little boy fingers still trying to decipher my skin and my language

But he is too human and becoming too much apart of man to understand my magic

So I just toss my head back and laugh.