See a field of light around yourself

See a barrier between you and the world

See yourself existing beyond the reality of this world

Don’t adjust to this world

Don’t become molded by it.

See yourself learning about it 

But separate from its existence.

As soon as you become apart of this world you loose yourself.

Remember who you were before you came here.

This world has a way of swallowing the pure with the temptation of its madness.

This world may be beautiful but we come from a place that surpasses anything that can be fathomed here. 

We come from the infinite

So don’t get attached to the temporary.

You came to learn to triumph over the challenges of this world, so that you may triumph over the challenges of the next world.

This life is preparation for the next. 

Don’t loose sight of your purpose.

Don’t become conditioned by this world and it’s subjects. 
You are not of this world.


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