The Human World 

Surrounded by those who

Cannot see the value

That is overflowing within you/

Surrounded by those

Whose presence you never chose

And it seems the crowd only grows/
They don’t want to see

They just want a show

Not words to believe

Just romantic prose/
I live in a world 

That only I own

With so much more majesty

Than any they’ve known/
You can’t give to others

What they will not take

They cannot be real

And I cannot be fake/
I sing my voice higher

I sing my voice farther

I sing for the soldier

But never for the martyr/
I do not die

I do not live

I am beyond

Anything there is to give/

They will call me stupid

They will call me vain

They will worship me

Then call me insane/
In all my days

My knowledge will not wane

I will glow ever brighter

Than a sun has ever became/
You can make your opinion

But you can’t make me change.


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