The Wait.

Your lack of effort is unacceptable. 

Did you really think I’d settle for the bare minimum of your desire?

Is that what drew you to me?

Did the appearance of my smallness appeal to you?

Did you see the grandeur of my passion as something to be bartered with?

Oh, little baby, did you underestimate me,

Or yourself?

In what world does the great,

shrink for the small and insecure?

My strange new world will swallow you, little pilgrim.

I’m not something to be discovered,

I’m someone to be revered.

There is no safety here. 

I will not bow to your discouraged fragility.

My hugeness will engulf your minimum, like the mountains swallow up landmasses.

From afar all you shall see is the great feat of a climb you have before you. 

First you must humble yourself to conquer the journey.

You must earn the favor of the mountain spirit. 

Nothing can be had without effort. 

Respect the journey.

Respect the graduality.

Just as I had to overcome, to reach my height,

You must too overcome to join me,

And enjoy the view,

that only experience has to offer. 

A bigger, brighter, lucid vision in which to withhold the world. 

Do not envy me for your smallness.

Admire me,

Aspire for me,

Join me,

For it is as lonely at the top as it is at the bottom. 
I’ve waited ages for you,

And I can wait so much longer.
Even if it turns out not to be for you.


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