A Man’s depiction.

He said to me you aren’t a Goddess but was so quick to chant my name like one.

He said there is only one God, Lord and Savior, quoting pages as if he understood the meaning of their wisdom.

A birdsong once told me a God’s love was mine. 

That all the love that comes from me, comes from God.

All I had to do was accept my power.

I am no lord,

I am not a man,

And you will not find his mark amongst my person.
I am the sun,

I am pure energy,

I am the source of light.
-His soul was in darkness,

“You aren’t a Goddess.”,

And he chanted my name like a sacred mantra,

That would focus him,

And guide him to the source from which my radiance comes to begin. 
You can not become that which you do not believe to be.
My saliva is spring water,

My sweat is the sea,

And my Divine flower nectar is the fount from which all life sourced.

-All are above the approach of your blind defilement. 


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