See a field of light around yourself

See a barrier between you and the world

See yourself existing beyond the reality of this world

Don’t adjust to this world

Don’t become molded by it.

See yourself learning about it 

But separate from its existence.

As soon as you become apart of this world you loose yourself.

Remember who you were before you came here.

This world has a way of swallowing the pure with the temptation of its madness.

This world may be beautiful but we come from a place that surpasses anything that can be fathomed here. 

We come from the infinite

So don’t get attached to the temporary.

You came to learn to triumph over the challenges of this world, so that you may triumph over the challenges of the next world.

This life is preparation for the next. 

Don’t loose sight of your purpose.

Don’t become conditioned by this world and it’s subjects. 
You are not of this world.



They think they can protect us. 

We grow up in this world

And they think they can shelter us.

That if they pray hard enough

And watch us very closely

That somehow that will save us.

Protect us in the way they couldn’t protect themselves.

You can’t protect us though and you can’t protect yourselves 

Nowhere is safe.
We must live while we can live 

And live preparing to die.

You can’t protect us.

I can’t blame how you try.

You can’t save us.

We will live and we will experience.
All we can do is stand our ground

And embrace the chaos within.

Fairy Dust

Sun beams and ever green

I laid my head across a dream

It touched me tender

It touched me well

Played with my curls for a spell

It gave me solace

It gave me shame

It gave me whatever I gave

It softly whispered

It loudly sang

It did whatever to get the message straight

Inside myself I was sedate

To all I had come to know

Of my own mind made state

Jasper and fresh cloves

Woke me from my long doze

Im looking up

I’m looking down

I’m looking and that’s what counts

It doesn’t matter what I see

As long as I know it’s all for me.

The Human World 

Surrounded by those who

Cannot see the value

That is overflowing within you/

Surrounded by those

Whose presence you never chose

And it seems the crowd only grows/
They don’t want to see

They just want a show

Not words to believe

Just romantic prose/
I live in a world 

That only I own

With so much more majesty

Than any they’ve known/
You can’t give to others

What they will not take

They cannot be real

And I cannot be fake/
I sing my voice higher

I sing my voice farther

I sing for the soldier

But never for the martyr/
I do not die

I do not live

I am beyond

Anything there is to give/

They will call me stupid

They will call me vain

They will worship me

Then call me insane/
In all my days

My knowledge will not wane

I will glow ever brighter

Than a sun has ever became/
You can make your opinion

But you can’t make me change.

The Wait.

Your lack of effort is unacceptable. 

Did you really think I’d settle for the bare minimum of your desire?

Is that what drew you to me?

Did the appearance of my smallness appeal to you?

Did you see the grandeur of my passion as something to be bartered with?

Oh, little baby, did you underestimate me,

Or yourself?

In what world does the great,

shrink for the small and insecure?

My strange new world will swallow you, little pilgrim.

I’m not something to be discovered,

I’m someone to be revered.

There is no safety here. 

I will not bow to your discouraged fragility.

My hugeness will engulf your minimum, like the mountains swallow up landmasses.

From afar all you shall see is the great feat of a climb you have before you. 

First you must humble yourself to conquer the journey.

You must earn the favor of the mountain spirit. 

Nothing can be had without effort. 

Respect the journey.

Respect the graduality.

Just as I had to overcome, to reach my height,

You must too overcome to join me,

And enjoy the view,

that only experience has to offer. 

A bigger, brighter, lucid vision in which to withhold the world. 

Do not envy me for your smallness.

Admire me,

Aspire for me,

Join me,

For it is as lonely at the top as it is at the bottom. 
I’ve waited ages for you,

And I can wait so much longer.
Even if it turns out not to be for you.


Let’s scratch the surface of our dissonance.

It started with words then silence. 

Silence filled with words spoken and unsaid.

It’s so easy to be hurt with the misunderstood tone of our deeds. 

I didn’t mind being at fault if that meant I could be with you again. 

Be with you within your brooding silences.

A companion to your confusion. 

Be with you within your excited reveries.

A spectators to your discoveries. 
The things is,

You can’t keep swallowing the water of other people’s mistakes,

Because there won’t be any room left for you to drink your own. 
So as much as I wouldn’t mind drowning for you,

I have to swim for my own sake.
I wanted to believe that our priorities and principles for each other were equal,

But it was too easy for you to bury me down at the bottom of ocean,

Along with the rest of your lost conquest. 

My worth isnt something you can wager or barter with,

for the sake of your own well being,

My worth isnt something you can acquire for yourself,

Because you lost track of yours. 

A Man’s depiction.

He said to me you aren’t a Goddess but was so quick to chant my name like one.

He said there is only one God, Lord and Savior, quoting pages as if he understood the meaning of their wisdom.

A birdsong once told me a God’s love was mine. 

That all the love that comes from me, comes from God.

All I had to do was accept my power.

I am no lord,

I am not a man,

And you will not find his mark amongst my person.
I am the sun,

I am pure energy,

I am the source of light.
-His soul was in darkness,

“You aren’t a Goddess.”,

And he chanted my name like a sacred mantra,

That would focus him,

And guide him to the source from which my radiance comes to begin. 
You can not become that which you do not believe to be.
My saliva is spring water,

My sweat is the sea,

And my Divine flower nectar is the fount from which all life sourced.

-All are above the approach of your blind defilement. 

Adams’ kin.


It occures to me that I posed a question for the men in my life and their answers though colorful were all smeared with the same hurt.

It seems I attract the lost that search for their answers in me.

In my mind,

In my sex,

In my soul,

In my love,

And are sorely vexed when they come up with nothing. 

As if the treasures of my sea are their birth right to discover. 

My answers were manifested for my soul alone, 

For the questions I have bled for,

As a willing blood sacrifice to the Cosmos. 
I scoured the heavens and you just languished on my shores.

Full of words like a desert is overabundant with sand.

My father had a barren wasteland full of sand for my mother. 

He swore I was her daughter.

He thought I was his too.

I never belonged to a parent, not to these children who play dress up as adults. 
-When he finally reached my country, he was dazzled by all the fresh fruit and resources. 

Just like a man to approach greedy eyed and thirsty lipped.

They never do pack their own reserves for the journey. 

They are always so eager to pick our fruit and eat it readily. 

Then are quick to call us Eve, no Adam, I am not from your rib, I am not the source of your downfall. 

I am not your judgement lapse.

I am Earth, root, and sustenance.

Your kindred do not belong to mine. 
I am the great Revelation.

They are terrified of my unmarked territory but are also salivating for the acclaim that can be acquired through the discovery of me. 

-What right do you have to lay claim to God? A God’s love is a gift bestowed, not to be expected but to be aspired for.