Brown to Gold, then Blue.

​Your skin is like the sun shining on sand, full of hidden treasures you have only to study to find. Full of soft multicolored crystals but blended to perfection. I always loved making sandcastles and playing on the beach. You bring to mind such childish carefree notions. Such naivety. Your beauty is a day dream, making the mind haze with such an immaculate distraction.Your eyelashes are deep Kohl mixed with the flecks of glossy obsidian. Stretching across the sweeping Persian desert dunes that you call cheek bones. Your lips are plump plum and burnt sienna waiting, no urging to be explored like lost forest trails that engulf their visitors. Your hair is a mass of wild Arabian horse tuft made for wind and the blind stroking of love. Or at least the imagery of it.You are a savage beauty, fearsome to encounter, riveting to behold, and so utterly tempting. You make the ocean look so welcoming. Beckoning like your mistress who has claimed so many souls. You are very misleading and always with the taste of promise, you seal the deal. 

-you scrapped the gold away from my skin and rubbed it into your glow like mineral pearls…scrapped till I turned blue. 


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