Lumus Maximus

I was bigger than life,

brighter than the sun,

Filled with all the enthusiasm,

That seems to burst forth,

on the first breath of spring.


I was a bright light beckon,

That I couldn’t see shining,

Beyond my own inner darkness.


From everywhere they flocked to me,

Like lost birds flying south,

And I nurtured them,

as was my way.


With no one to warn me,

Beware the lost,

That fly in from the dark,

They come for what they lack.


They come in legion,

Vermin, rats, and bats,

They come like hungering wolves in packs.


No one told me,

Even in the dark mass of space,

That what seems just a star to you,

Is a sun to another,

(A center of a solar system).


Here I was a lonely star,

And planets grew from me,

And moons once shadows now illuminated like bright orbs,

Then life, with trees and plants,

I became food for worlds of people.


They call me the sun,

And here I thought,

I was only a flicker of a flame.


My flicker is a supernova,

That wipes out galaxies and solar systems,

My light is the reason that they live and can continue to be.


They called me a sun,

But how could I know the weight of what that means,

When I have never encountered another being like me?



– the blind leading the blind



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