What is Enough?

If you don’t wake up sore,

you are not working hard enough.


If your heart does not ache,

you are not loving deep enough.


If your Lungs do not protest,

You are not breathing deep enough.


If your body does not complain,

Then you are not pushing it to the brink enough.


If your head does ask for a break,

Then your not supplying it’s needs enough.


If your soul is not searching for another way,

Then you do not believe enough.


If all of you isn’t on the same page,

Then you haven’t come to be enough.


If you haven’t challenged your self today,

Then maybe you are giving up.


There is always a better way,

And our pain let’s us know we are keeping up.
Because as long as we try to upgrade,

New parts of us we didn’t train,

Are going to hurt to make the cut.
We are going to stretch and push our strength,

Always adjust to find a better way,

And find that we are more than we think we’re of.
-Pain comes along temporarily to reveal our weaker selves leaving us.


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