Cosmic Gods


It doesn’t change,
this stillness with you,
Is the stillness in me.

We’ve talked of waiting,
In the shallow ends,
Of our connecting oceans.

We have talked of storms,
Tearing us away,
Into unfathomable depth.

You mocked me,
For being so much like you,
And berated yourself.

How can two worlds meet,
And not destroy each other,
With all their differences?

I stayed still,
And welcomed your flaws,
And then my own.

We are creatures of atrophy,
But our souls are worlds,
Made to re-manifest themselves,
Again and again.

You were so disheartened by that,
But we have survived it once,
And we’ll survive it again.

In every world,
In every existence,
We will create and destroy each other.

First with the gentleness of flowers,
Then the calamities of natural disasters,
With such abandonment of being.

We are such galactic children,
With such existential innocence,
Fated wonders in progression.


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