Fight For What You Want!

Fight for your right to be.

 -There is a storm inside you brewing,

Set it loose,

And watch those that once doubted,

Now tremble in your wake.

 They’ll murmur your name, with the kind of dread-filled respect and superstition they do for hurricanes; that they fear will come back to haunt them with the reality of their weaker will.


To Find a Soul

They say the soul,

Can be found in the eyes.


Yet, I found your essence,

Within the slightest breath of your words.


His voice is ambrosia,

My ears drink it up,

And I know the heavens.


-The divinity of music,

was manifested by the very inflection,

of all you have spoken.

What is Enough?

If you don’t wake up sore,

you are not working hard enough.


If your heart does not ache,

you are not loving deep enough.


If your Lungs do not protest,

You are not breathing deep enough.


If your body does not complain,

Then you are not pushing it to the brink enough.


If your head does ask for a break,

Then your not supplying it’s needs enough.


If your soul is not searching for another way,

Then you do not believe enough.


If all of you isn’t on the same page,

Then you haven’t come to be enough.


If you haven’t challenged your self today,

Then maybe you are giving up.


There is always a better way,

And our pain let’s us know we are keeping up.
Because as long as we try to upgrade,

New parts of us we didn’t train,

Are going to hurt to make the cut.
We are going to stretch and push our strength,

Always adjust to find a better way,

And find that we are more than we think we’re of.
-Pain comes along temporarily to reveal our weaker selves leaving us.

Love makes you uncomfortable.

I would ask you if you miss me yet, but we both know that no one was as attentive to your needs as I was. So this is not about you missing me. I would ask if you regret letting me go but you are too prideful to allow yourself to have any regrets. So that is out of the question. I would ask why you ever let me go but that’s the most apparent answer here.
-You deserved my love and to feel good about having it.

Cosmic Gods


It doesn’t change,
this stillness with you,
Is the stillness in me.

We’ve talked of waiting,
In the shallow ends,
Of our connecting oceans.

We have talked of storms,
Tearing us away,
Into unfathomable depth.

You mocked me,
For being so much like you,
And berated yourself.

How can two worlds meet,
And not destroy each other,
With all their differences?

I stayed still,
And welcomed your flaws,
And then my own.

We are creatures of atrophy,
But our souls are worlds,
Made to re-manifest themselves,
Again and again.

You were so disheartened by that,
But we have survived it once,
And we’ll survive it again.

In every world,
In every existence,
We will create and destroy each other.

First with the gentleness of flowers,
Then the calamities of natural disasters,
With such abandonment of being.

We are such galactic children,
With such existential innocence,
Fated wonders in progression.


I want to make a giant kite someday

And fly it across the world


I want to sail it on every wind

And pretend it’s me, flying where I belong 


Im going to make a giant kite someday

And fly it across your heart


I want to sail it on your every wind

And pretend it’s me, flying where I belong.



-I want to flow like a kite caught in the tide of the sky.

Parting ways

I fill all my empty spaces with you

Until I’m too full

Until I can’t bare your touch

The sound of your breath

The rise of your chest

Lost in what comes next

I left for the best

Let’s give it a rest

The feelings are almost gone


I’ll put my lips to your neck

Like bullets in your back

Then all of it was a poem


Because amongst all the complacency

You always loved poetry

I want to leave you with something good

Even when you never could

Don’t Answer.

Don’t be surprised when people don’t love you like you need

Don’t be surprised when they don’t love you at all

Don’t cut yourself short

Don’t pretend like there wasn’t a time when you couldn’t love someone else enough either

Don’t pretend to love someone when you don’t

Don’t let someone pretend to love you when they don’t act like it

Don’t put up

Don’t shut up

Don’t conform

Don’t censor

Don’t lie



-There is no need to put up a front anymore. 

God is here, and the devil is knocking at your back door.