Our Fellowship

I secret you away

To the place of my heart

Where I hold holy communion with you

Your hands clasped in mine
I drew you to me

To my shrine of enamourment
Where we’ll share worship

Our lips will murmur prayers against each other

In the heavy atmosphere, we will take heady sips of each other’s essence

In the sacred stillness, we will bask in light of our church

God is here.

In us
Between us
With us
Gathering us in a divine cocoon of love

Private and intimate

A paradise amongst the heavens, manifested solely for us

Your touch is instant awe

A chorus of birds sing our entrance with merriment
In my ear, you say

Goddess, of my heart



I chant your name.

As if a name could contain
all the contents of your soul.

As if repeating it heavily,
over and over again, 
on my tongue.
Could make you mine.

A Piece of Candy

I’m going to write,

you off my mind.


I won’t be so polite,

though I’ve been so kind.


I’ll start with a poem,

and I’ll end with a book.


Filled with all the words,

that you so greedily took.


You’ll say that I am bitter,

and I won’t disagree.



I am completely sour,

since you sucked,

all the sugar from me.

Pretty Bird

Perch me,

upon your fingers,

and pet me like a bird.


Say my name,

as you free me,

from my cage.


We will both agree,

that I have the most beautiful wings,

that will never be used.


They are not for me,

they were born for you.


The Haunting Hour

I unwind,

all the time,

to be come a tune,

for your clock to chime.,



I sing,

in steady rhyme,

to a rhythm,

we have yet to divine.



When the clock strikes ten.



We will do it all again.


A haunting hour,

to rewind,

a tale more disturbing,

than those spun by R.L. Stine.



I’ll tell you a secret,

hidden under my breath.


I will put it away,

for your mouth,

to untangle it.


Should you lose it,

in my wake.


Forget that I,

Might have ever spake.


Then search my mouth,

for the buried treasure,

that surely waits,

-for you to take.


My depths are yours,

my love-,

and my hate.

Crime Scene

In the end,


is the great crime.


In the beginning,

it is committed,

over and over again.


Your emotions,

are a violent act,

against my defenseless subconscious.


I just didn’t,

figure it out,

until it was too late.


Now all my feelings,

are mostly sedate.


Except for my anger,

I am overcome with hate.



Her kisses are marked,

into his neck.


Bright red bloodshot tattoos,

Against his pale beige skin.


Then my lips burn,

With the emptiness,

Of the spark,

of his.


And I’m stunned,

with the weight of youth,

then the crippling sensations,

of loneliness.


That only beauty can bring,

when paralyzing you.


He is an insect,

With ruthless incisors,

Injecting all in his vicinity ,

With the venom of his beauty.