Losing Friends

Baby,  no one wants to hear about your problems.
They can’t bare how small they feel when they can’t help.
It reminds them of how vulnerable they are.
Reveals how all our uncertainties connect.
So,  they don’t try.
So,  just suck it up and cry.

Everyone knows why but no one wants to say it.

Quite Absurd

She was just a small little bird,
With the tiniest song;
Her heart was too big,
So,  she couldn’t live long.

That didn’t make her song any less beautiful, 
only less likely to be heard;
Yet, what does it matter?
She is only a bird.

The Living Dead

Long evenings and broken backs,
All our efforts slipping through the cracks,
We’re falling off track.
We were left behind in the pack.
The beaten dead,  blue and black.

We have risen again,  to show you that not even death can stop our act.