I remember heat like the perspiration of my name dripping off of your lips.

I remember lust as the light that glinted off the sweep of your eyelashes; as they slipped over my body in admiration.

I remember wishing as the hungry glances you would steal from me out of the corner of your sly eyes, like a thief.

I remember disappointment as the forlorn slump of your shoulders while you slouch walked along side of me, with no hope of a chance of fulfillment.

I remember the word man as a lost creature with the aimless purpose of achievement as a link to possibility.

I remember love as the conquest of ego with the intent to acquisition beauty, sex, and companionship.

I remember violence as the casual forced sling of your arms over my shoulder in a restrictive hug.

I remember intimacy as the threat of your touch holding me prisoner against your body.

I remember inconsideration as the sting of your hand across my unsuspecting ass in the abusive form of entitlement.

I remember flirting as the wolf whistles that assault my ingenious ears then distort into horrible cries of sexist remarks.

I remember confidence as the demeaning taunts of disgust directed at my appearance.

I remember family as the people that use you up, to cast you out when you no longer serve a vital purpose.

I remember mother as the bipolar moments, of words spoken about regret of my existence, then acts of tender care.

I remember father as a foreign visitor that passes through for moments of companionship then leaves out of fear of unfulfillment.

I remember calamity as all these poisons that fixed into my veins, that I’ve built a resistance to.

I remember doom as the cruelty that has become the normalcy of my existence.

I remember death as the suicide of my peace of mind.



© Zianna Libardo Valexia Valtero, 2016


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