I come from a very long line of strong women from my mother’s side . My grandma was unloved by her mother and father, and was cast off onto her grandmother’s care. MY mother was considered the “negrita” of her family, born of a separate father with darker complexion and no desire to care for her, with a mother always at work, she to spent most of her time with her great grand mother. These women are desert flowers. Gardens that grew through paved cement cities and dehydrated soil. Their beauty could not be suppressed and their vengeance against existence so strong and so deeply inbred that it brought carnage  and destruction, laid waste to all within their proximity.

Self-hatred a herbal concoction drank deeply like magic potion that could only aid them in their witchcraft. They wore their suffering self-destruction like freshly blossomed spring petals, sweet, enticing, and too lovely to resist. I wear my self-mutilation like daggers. My petals have teeth. I am the carnivorous flower that these generations have revolutionized so that I may metamorphose into this Cobra Lily. I am a savage loveliness and I will gift calamity to any who would think to caress me. I am a wild beast, a predator that you don’t simply capture and tame.

I am the danger that hunt, stalks, and maims. I came from a legacy, of prehistoric matriarchy,  blood that sustains and manifest families, consumes the male sex like appetizers for procreation and sexuality. I am the pink of flesh, sunny skin of gold, I am the heat that never runs cold. I am the lioness den from which the pride came to be, so that the lethal black widow was named from me, the preying mantis that takes without the askance of reprieve. I am that will that will be done. There is yet a breathe to take. There is yet a thirst to slake. I am the quiver of fear from which your spine quakes. All shall tremble in my merciless wake. I ask not of any and my confidence shall not fold nor shake. I am all and all is my domain.



© Zianna Libardo Valexia Valtero, 2016


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