Meditations on solitude as opposed to loneliness; and the negative connotations used to manipulate and separate society. The tree though often it stands alone for extended periods of time; has its a way to communicate in silence. Cooperation happens in solitude. It happens in self first; away from the distractions we manifest to avoid the hard choices and responsibilities to self, and essentially for the collective. If you cannot be alone with the worst of yourself; then you can not be alone and intimate, vulnerable, personal with another. All that lays within, will reflect in our companions like water does the suns bright gleam. The relationship with self is the relationship with others. If you cannot be friend to self; then you cannot be friend to another, because the toxic resentments you hold for yourself are bound to seep through like water in compacted soil. We are social creature and by nature mimic the behaviors of those that surround us subconsciously. Can you love yourself in solitude, so that others may also. Can you be like water and through stillness flow?




© Zianna Libardo Valexia Valtero, 2016


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