Universal Giants

Late nights with people that care.

Each being like massive stars in an endless galaxy, floating aimless.

Short lived instances, that last like eternities, that are so common in dying universe’s.

To think we are remnants of each other’s deaths, living and dying again.

Unfathomable to find the fragments of marvelous supernovas within these massive planets.

Who gave us these deceivingly subtle, yet endlessly precious gifts?

What can be uttered about any of it, our song are moans of awe.

Our silence, our wondrous suspicions.

None of it is ours.

What right can we claim to covenant any of it?

I can not feign an understanding, if it isn’t so vastly great then it is so infinitely simple, and I am far too insignificant for any of it.

It takes all my love with it, and leaves nothing for my measly heart to waste.




© Zianna Libardo Valexia Valtero, 2016


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