The Ties That Bind

The only that binds us together is our blood.

To you that seems to mean something, but to me, blood was never amongst my desire to be.

I sit alone, my head pounding with truth.

At the end, my existence has no real use.

I do my karmatic duty, perform the actions when it’s time.

I know though, none of this was ever mine.

My eyes cask an upward look at myself, this is I, the never ceasing, never ending sky.

People yearn for me, only because they seek to fly.

I am a means to an end, an irresistible desire.

They all want what they can’t have, like fingers grasping for fire.

When it’s over, I will come undone, and so my truth revealed to everyone.

I am absence, like my death.

Never here, and my reality never clear.

Like me, they will be left with the unknown and alone.

With only death for company.



© Zianna Libardo Valexia Valtero, 2016



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