You always say
You will
But you never
Get around to it

If your actions
Are who
you are

Then you are
The empty words
The empty promises
The empty space
In my life

And I have a galaxy
Of self actualization
To fill your void with


To Fly A Kite

In the open air
I writhe left and right
Torn about
Just like a kite

In your hand
You hold my string, so tight-
Into the wind
I tug away with all my might.

If your finger
Should ever slip
I would sail away
Into the skies lips

If your hands
Ever begin to tire
In the universal ocean
I will surely retire.

Lay to rest
All I’ve known
With a world
That is my own

The Letter

I wrote a note
Spritzed in perfume
And tied in ribbon

Left it in hope
That if you were to
Youd read what’s hidden

Its been long ago
Since that letter
Covered unopened with dust

Its seems I know
My secrets
Along with my letter are lost

A disinterest I can trust.

Blue Dream

Mountains of indigo
And white peaks
In a hazy distance

Did I dream
Of lovely things
To find something consistent

Like your face
In my memories
Teasing my existence

These thoughts
Of imagined reality
Have their persistence

Though it would
Be awful good
I find I’m not resistant


A button,
L control,
You have never-
Let a fight go

Up arrow,
Right analog,
I’m always doing-
Something wrong

Hit the combo,
End the match ,
With harsh words,
Our love- you dispatch

Twitch the game,
When you’ve grown bored,
It’s child’s play,
To be ignored.

Put me out,
-For renovation,
Your favorite consul system ,
Is PlayStation.



Blow me up,
Twist me around,
Then tie the knot

Build me up,
Tell me how,
I am- what I’m not

Pull me,
By a string,
Where ever you go

Til you’re tired,
Then with a needle,
Pop the balloon



Encase me in plastic,
To recycle when finished,
Because you’re thoughtful

Drink me up,
Gulp me down,
And relieve of me

Nothing but sustenance ,
A means of-,
An automatic compliment

Beautiful is a placation,
If I have beauty,
I rebuke it

Not pretty,
For your pleasure,
Ugly for my humiliation

Not caring,
But lusting,
Out of desperation

Find another soul,
I’m not recyclable

The Model


The mockingjay,
mocks your song.
Relaying it back to me.

With choirs,
of shrilling voice,
Blended to yours

A entwining kiss,
Of your sound
Taunts me

Why did you stay
Torturing my art
With your sweet beauty

Do you laugh
At my hopelessness,
Amused with my marvel

How could you resist ?
Andy said, “Only the ugly are artist.”

You were never ugly, nor an artist.



Fingers typing

X out,
The mistakes,
Of your words,
Passing by me

Smell of tea,
And hashed out fights,
Anything for you,
to write

We’re that I,
Words for your delight,
Instead of bitter spite ,
That I’m not your type


I was angry,

I was hurting,

Yes indeed,

I felt some deserting.

I was lonely,

I was sad,

you would misread,

what we had.

I was present,

I was here,

sitting beside me,

you weren’t there.

I felt resentment,

I felt denial,

I’ve been in mourning,

for quite awhile.