Aching Love Affair

Your sorrow is a memory to me.

Deja vu of a moment long passed.

When you looked like summer days but tasted like fresh rain.

You are days spent indoors, consuming books and listening to water splatter against glass.

How can resistance sound so soothing?

Even in it’s forceful actions water flows, like your anxious words in my ear asking if I still love you.

You knew, I looked like the falling showers of autumn leaves and felt like winter’s chill.

You say, opposites attract but sometimes they are just calamities.

Two forces destroying each other, no matter how good their intentions are.

You say, you were born in the blistering heat, You need my icy climate, to spare you some relief.
You don’t know that all wars started with the best intentions.

I’m not violent but we seem to clash.

Its not really love if you don’t understand. if our hearts don’t resonate like the strings on a violin, in a sad warn harmony.

There is something we are missing, and we can’t seem to reach a balance.

You burn too fast, I simmer too slow.

You draw to a halt, and I speed pass to go.

It feels like we are in different dimensions, within the same moment.

Doppelgangers, that follow each other like shadow selves.

Never really touching each other within one life.

Yet, always together,, always entwined between space.

So close but ultimately apart.

Almost not real at all.

Spirits haunting each other, trying to touch each other’s lives, trapped within our own death’s.

We keep moaning, maybe in the next life.

Holding on tight, in case it ever comes.

It seems eternity is against us, along with our love.




© Zianna Libardo Valexia Valtero, 2016




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